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Industrial & Electrical Laminates for the Automotive Industry

CURRENT, INC., is always ready to help with any of your Automotive needs. We can assist you in a variety of ways like improving the performance of your automobile by using lighter and stronger materials. We can also protect your products from any applied weight or wear over time by ensuring that they are resistant to compression, impact, vibration, corrosion, moisture and noise reduction.

CURRENT, INC. manufactures laminated sheets, laminated rods, laminated tubing, spacers and standoffs in various grades and sizes. We also perform custom fabrication, secondary machining and fabrication to better qualify these products to your specific needs.

Materials include Phenolic, Epoxy, Silicone, and Melamine. Current, Inc. also manufactures electrical grade laminates, carbon fiber sheets, tubing, rods, molded parts as well as ESD G-10/FR4 materials. In addition to our main product line, we offer competitive pricing on screw machine parts made from Nylon, Delrin, and Teflon.

At Current Inc., we provide Industrial & Electrical Laminates for all of your Automotive needs like:

  • Protectors for Gearbox Shafts
  • Inserts to provide fixing points within GRP
  • Inserts for Carbon Mouldings
  • Carburetor Riser Plate
  • Aesthetic Coverings
  • Custom Fittings
  • VIP Completions
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  • Gaskets
  • Phenolic spacers

CURRENT, INC. has been a family-owned and -operated business since 1962. We strive to manufacture the best products on the market and whatever you manufacture or assemble, there’s an excellent chance a Current Inc. product will improve it. If you ever have any questions, our office staff is always available to assist you. We also quote at no obligation. Just send us your specs and/or blueprints. Talk to us about how we can help improve your Automotive design experience, call (203) 469-1337, Fax (203) 467-8435, or e-mail us.

Footer Composites

  • Resin Systems:
  • Phenolic
  • Epoxy
  • Silicone
  • Melamine
f8电影院手机版yy4088f8电影院手机版yy4088,k8经典中文字幕在线观看k8经典中文字幕在线观看,ins潮图壁纸绿色ins潮图壁纸绿色 f8电影院手机版yy4088f8电影院手机版yy4088,k8经典中文字幕在线观看k8经典中文字幕在线观看,ins潮图壁纸绿色ins潮图壁纸绿色